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January 24, 2024

In the quiet glow of a dimly lit room, the flicker of a totem candle can hold profound significance. Totem candles are not ordinary candles. They are like little windows to the spiritual world to help us connect with something deeper and more meaningful.

Totem candles are covered in symbols that represent animals. Animal totems have played a big part in the spirituality of many cultures for a long time. They’re thought to be messengers from the spiritual world, offering guidance and insights into our lives. Basically, the concept of animal totems is rooted in the idea that each animal possesses distinct qualities and strengths, and by connecting with these animals, we can access these qualities within ourselves.


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These handmade decorative candles are designed to ‘tunnel’. The candle will burn down the centre, while the exterior decoration remains intact and illuminated by the flickering flame inside.

The choice of which totem candle to use is often a deeply personal one. Perhaps you have a favourite animal whose qualities you wish to acquire, or an animal has appeared to you in dreams or during moments of meditation.

 E.g. if you are seeking higher perspectives, strength and freedom, light the EAGLE TOTEM CANDLE to invoke these qualities, making it a beacon of inspiration and guidance in your life. It will help you connect with the eagle’s wisdom and energy to guide you on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

 OWL TOTEM CANDLE is a captivating representation of the wise and mysterious owl, a bird that has long been associated with wisdom, intuition. Therefore, lighting an owl totem candle is like inviting the owl’s wisdom and energy into your space. They become your silent companions during meditation and rituals, and they also make for beautiful decorative pieces.

If you admire wolves for their symbolic meaning or their natural beauty, go for a WOLF TOTEM CANDLE. This beautifully crafted candle features a grey wolf with bewitching blue eyes carved into a tree trunk. A wolf represents loyalty, leadership, courage, and a strong sense of community.


You may discover your inner grizzly with the stunning sculpture of the BEAR TOTEM CANDLE.  The bear is often associated with traits like strength, courage, and grounding energy. Hence, lighting a BEAR TOTEM CANDLE is like inviting the bear’s spirit into your space, invoking a sense of  strength and resilience. Moreover, this designer candle will be the beautiful addition to a modern rustic home.

The wisdom of the animal totem is always there, helping us face life’s challenges. It will remind you that you are not alone. In these moments, we feel connected to something bigger than ourselves, something beyond our everyday lives.

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