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March 6, 2024

In the heart of Easter celebrations, amidst the joyous hymns and solemn reflections, candles stand as silent witnesses to the profound symbolism of the season. From the flickering flames of the Paschal candle to the glow of candlelit services, these luminous beacons illuminate the path of resurrection and renewal.

 Among these cherished symbols, egg-shaped candles stand out, radiating warmth and light while evoking the timeless significance of the season.

Eggs have long been emblematic of new life and resurrection, that makes them important to Easter symbolism. The history of eggs in Easter traditions is originated from ancient pagan fertility rites to their adoption by Christian cultures as symbols of Christ’s resurrection and the promise of eternal life.

Egg-shaped candles crafted in various sizes and finishes, are often used in decorating Easter tables, mantels, and outdoor spaces. From simple, smooth eggs and elegant to intricately decorated, each one adding a touch of magic to Easter celebrations.

If you’re someone who enjoys celebrating Easter festivities with beautiful decoration, then egg-shaped designer ROSE CANDLE is for you!  It is available in two colours – blue and white. A stem of beautiful roses twines its way around egg-shaped candle, which accentuates the delicacy of the flowers’ pink hues. This art candle is like a little piece of spring magic for Easter decorations.

You can use it as pretty centrepiece on your Easter table or place it around your home for a touch of Easter charm.


Religious candles have a significance during Easter ceremonies symbolizing the light of Christs resurrection and serving as a point, for worship and contemplation. These candles are usually lit during Easter services like the Easter Vigil to represent the victory of light over darkness and the promise of life in Jesus Christ.

The St. Mary and St. Nicholas candles hold roles in Easter traditions as they represent two revered figures in faith. The St. Mary candle symbolizes the Virgin Mary, Jesus mother who has a role in the Easter narrative. Lighting a St. Mary candle during Easter is a way to honour her strength, dedication, unwavering faith and to remember her presence during her sons resurrection.

Likewise the St. Nicholas candle pays tribute to St. Nicholas, known as the patron saint of children, sailors and merchants. Although not directly linked to Easter events St. Nicholas is highly regarded in communities with his candle often being lit during Easter devotions—particularly in traditions that emphasize saints’ significance and their advocacy.

Both the St. Mary and St. Nicholas candles contribute to creating an ambiance during Easter celebrations by fostering reverence and spiritual connection, among believers.

During the Easter season candles are commonly used in churches, homes, and various places of worship to symbolize faith, hope and the lasting influence of traditions.

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