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June 20, 2023

Did you know that candles have a mystical power to grant wishes? It’s true! Candle magic has been practiced by cultures around the world, and the belief that candles can make our dreams come true is still alive and well today.

The idea behind candle magic is simple. Start by finding a quiet, peaceful place where you can light your candle without distractions. Take a moment to focus your intention and visualize your wish coming true. Then, light the candle and let it burn for a few minutes while you continue to focus on your intention. You can repeat a mantra or affirmation to help amplify your energy.

As the candle burns down, keep your intention in mind and allow yourself to feel gratitude for the wish coming true. When the candle has burned all the way down, your wish has been sent out into the universe.


It’s not just about lighting any old candle. Each colour has its own unique properties and can be used to enhance the power of your wishes. For that purpose, we invite you to discover the colourful collection of designer candles at ARTOSTYLE to select your wish-granting candle.

If you desire to find love and romance, a pink or red candle might be the way to go. E.g., choose a fancy WHITE ROSES PILLAR CANDLE which has an all-over lace pattern with gold dust, or an art candle with RED AND GOLD HORSES with a more dramatic aesthetic.

For those seeking abundance and prosperity, EMERALD GREEN WITH GOLD DUST VASE CANDLE from our Ornamental collection of art candles is the perfect choice to bring that energy into their life.

On the other hand, green meditation candles are thought to evoke the qualities of health, success, and fertility – and can help you to feel more connected to mother earth.

And if you’re looking for healing and protection, a blue candle can help provide those qualities. Burning a blue candle is also said to bring forgiveness, inspiration, and happiness.

Go for the SAPPHIRE BLUE WITH GOLD DUST VASE or PILLAR CANDLE representing the epitome of baroque style with their organic shapes in gold dust for a luxurious effect.

Have your candle magic with our vibrant collection of art candles . And who knows, the power of candles just might grant your deepest desires. But most important, don’t forget to take action in your own life to make that wish a reality!

Discover the full collection of colourful designer candles here.