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SKU: 1511100000 Category:
Categories: UBUD CANDLES

Exotic wooden gift size candle with a natural unique pattern.

Covered with a protective layer of odorless natural oil against dirt and dust which gives an amazing feeling of smoothness of its surface.

The scent of cedarwood and beeswax evokes a sense of warmth and nostalgia.

The wooden wick produces a crackling sound reminiscent of a wood-burning fireplace.

Unique design of WOOD MOOD candles has a sustainable feature. Candles are easily refilled with spare wax inserts, which are available in 3 scents for Original & Compact sizes of candles.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Candle height : 8.5 cm
Candle diameter: 9.0 cm
Wax net weight: 100 g (3.5 oz)
Burn time: 18 hr
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  • Introducing WOOD MOOD

    WOOD MOOD was created by Andrii and Anastasiia Burzi who came up with the idea of developing a new combination of interior candle and traditional fireplace.

    It is unique and the most original concept of candle making. Each candle is technically designed for a safe use as the brand consistently carries out R&D including numerous safety tests in various conditions to ensure safety of their candles.

    Only natural ingredients are used for manufacturing: top quality beeswax from local farmers and finest essential oils from around the world to create the perfect atmosphere in your home.

    Every produced unit is made with love and care.

    • Eco Friendly

      WOOD MOOD candles are made of natural materials and are sustainable products.

      They also allow you to save wood in comparison to traditional home fireplace. Candles are made of non-commercial wood, which is utilised otherwise for pellets or firewood. The brand replaced synthetic materials and fossils with natural and sustainable ones in the packaging of the candles.

      WOOD MOOD candles save forests. How? Let’s explain. A traditional open fireplace requires more wood per load than used to produce an entire composition of wood fireplace candles. Thus, using candles instead of firebox requires much less wood to be burned. After all, candles burn many times longer than a single fireplace load.

      The main goal of WOOD MOOD is to make products, which would be natural, long-lasting and stimulating consumers to buy less but better goods.

      Making the world a little better. And more comfortable.

  • Scented
  • Wood, wooden wick, beeswax, cork, clay, essential oil
  • Refill spare inserts

    Unique design of WOOD MOOD candles has a sustainable feature. Candles are easily refilled with spare wax inserts, which are available for 2 sizes: Compact and Original.

    Furthermore, spare wax inserts are available with a wide choice of fine essential oils.

    WOOD MOOD recommends original size candles to be refilled up to 3 times. Further refilling is also possible, but due to the wooden trunk height, the refilling process may be a little obstructed.

  • Why are these wooden candles so safe?
    • Fire protected by design
    • Free of toluene and benzene
    • Finishing
    • The lower part of the candle is made heavy so that the candle always remains stable. In addition, it protects your table from the possible relay of temperature. The bottom of the candle is protected by a cork round mat so that candles can be placed at polished surfaces with no scratches.
    • Special rules for wooden candles
    • Do not use a candle on surfaces that are very sensitive to moisture or which may damaged with wood resin.
    • Disclaimer

      As there are no identical trees, there will be no identical WOOD MOOD candles, each candle is special and unique. Therefore, it will be slightly different in color and shape from what is on the photo.

      WOOD MOOD candles are made of natural wood that “breathes”. Over time, cracks may appear on it or the bark structure may change. This does not affect the functionality of the candle, and even, on the contrary, emphasizes its natural kind. This process depends on the temperature and humidity in the room.

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Nadine’s Candle specialises in exquisite sculpted candles.It can take a month or more to create a new candle design, from the first flash of inspiration to the finished piece.

The intricate design takes shape through extensive sketching and planning. Then it is sculpted from modeling material to make a highly detailed custom-made mould.

The Nadine’s Candle team mix their luxurious candle wax blend and hand pour each candle before painting and finishing each piece individually – a process that takes up to two days per item.

As each piece is hand finished, they are all slightly different and have a unique character.

In developing these enchanting pieces, Nadine reflects on the metaphysical qualities of candles and believes that the burning flame reflects out mood and thoughts. Her pieces are conceived not just as stylish home accessories, but also as a reflection of emotions and intution.